Sports Medicine

Methodist Physicians Clinic provides professional sports medicine services from orthopaedic physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries for people at all fitness levels. Sports medicine care providers can help you prevent and recover from athletic injuries and help you meet personal fitness and health goals.

Some sports injuries occur after a trip or fall while playing a sport, but other injuries occur over time and are called overuse injuries. Overuse sports injuries occur over time due to stress on the muscles and joints. They begin as an annoying ache or pain and can grow into a debilitating injury if they aren't treated.

Orthopedic physicians can treat sports injuries including:

  • Fractures
  • Muscle and ligament injuries
  • Sprians, strains and contusions
  • Impingement, bursitis, tendonitis
  • Tennis or golfer's elbow

Our physicians want to return patients to their active lifestyles, so they don't have time away from the activities they enjoy.

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