Surgical Facilities

Methodist Physicians Clinic Orthopedics surgeons perform surgery at both Methodist Hospital and in the surgical suites in our Methodist HealthWest location. Our caring staff of surgeons, anethesioloigists and surgery nursing staff want to make your experience as stress-free and relaxed as possible. At Methodist HealthWest Orthopedics, Omaha, Nebraska, you will find a comfortable, compassionate setting with the latest advances in ambulatory surgery, pain management and anesthesia care.

Surgery Services at Methodist HealthWest

Methodist Physicians Clinic Orthopedics HealthWestMethodist HealthWest offers both outpatient surgery services and also inpatient surgery for patients who require one night's stay. Due to the small number of beds at this facility, patients receive almost one-to-one nursing care during their stay.  Your surgeon will determine if your health will allow you to have your surgery at Methodist HealthWest.

Professional Research Consultants Excellence in Healthcare Award

Methodist HealthWest Outpatient Surgery received a Top Performer Award from Professional Research Consultants for excellent patient ratings of overall quality of care.


Surgery Services at Methodist Hospital

Methodist Hospital Orthopedic SurgeryMore surgical procedures are performed each year at Methodist Hospital than any other hospital in the region. The orthopedic surgeons at Methodist Physicians Clinic Orthopedics, nurses and other members of your care team are highly trained and highly effective, working closely with you and your family to plan your care every step of the way.